Now, remember, the national archives, should just be somebody collecting all of the stuff, and preserving it.Okay?I don't want a political ideologue. Storytelling, insight and compelling perspective on American culture and politics. I would do it again.GLENN: Play the accordion, Al! Use the promo code Glenn and save.But all our hosts do this from time to time. Think Chinese. Science was never the lodestone of truth. Breaking the law. 3 Luglio 2022; common last names in kazakhstan; medical careers that don't require math in sa . Just try it out. Have rigged all arms depot within the breakaway region, including the depot with explosives. Relief sleep does. Now, I don't care about that at all.I do think that was interesting. I know.How much would you have paid to shake his hand, and get your photo with Weird Al?STU: No. And I cannot thank you enough, for helping us build this network. This is crazy.Well, there are two bills to impeach him. I asked you, would you give all public posts, that you had made on Twitter. I thought it just dropped. Okay?So now that's three.North Korea, as this threat grows, the allies are of America. But I do want you to be mentally and physically prepared.The Biden administration, when they came into office, they said, we're going to reduce the role of nuclear weapons in the US strategy. That was one of the things they would use as the defense back in the day. In a Republican House.And they are a long way from getting anybody to sign on. But usually, that's the way it plays out.GLENN: Right. Fifty-50 chance of getting caught, if you kill somebody.Huh. So if Russia is allowed to win the war, this would still constitute a victory for the West, and defeat for Russia. Twenty minutes to get the feeling of complete relaxation and contentment. I want to hear those two separately.I want to talk to each of them. Who I might just ask, all the data has said, is extremely harmful to children, these mask requirements. And trying not to be canceled. It is going to happen. Children are dying. I want to start this school.GLENN: I know. They're not looking for the truth. What is victory? Beck grew up in Mount Vernon, Washington, where his father owned a bakery. Is our critical infrastructure, which our government is doing nothing to prepare.All we're doing is sending our money, over to the most corrupt country in the world.And making ourselves a bigger target. Stay awake. Because they don't say the same things in Arabic, that they will in English.But I want you to be well aware, of what is being said there.There is just a -- an interview, that happened on Arabia. They don't agree with -- with your -- they don't agree with Jesus. It goes on to all of this. But that was in reference to an astrological sign. A couple hundred bucks. Let's first hit the -- hmm. And you and I went back and forth about it. However, there are now four countries, all aligned against America and against the West. How dare you say that the border is a mess. Well, she was back. Made with temperature-regulating technology, 100 percent made in the USA, the pillow comes with a ten-year warranty and a 60-day money-back guarantee. Do you remember in Ukraine, where this nuclear complex came under Russian control for a while?And everybody was worried that they were going to destabilize it, and use it. We want to come back, Portland, but it's too dangerous for our employees, and we're hemorrhaging product.Now, let me ask you. That's fair. Nobody is reaching for the gun. Before Woodrow Wilson sent all our boys to war.We have got to wake up. That's going away.We've had people who wanted to work and innovate. Not -- not police, that will just beat you on the street corner.We don't want any of that. And thanks to government leaders including our own continuing to escalate tension between the worlds most powerful nations, it seems that we may be MARCHING toward World War III, Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors. fascinator trends 2021; wild wonderful off grid 1 to 50 Glenn Beck's quick wit, candid opinions and engaging personality have made this one of the most popular radio programs in America. In a busy news cycle, you might not have heard. glenn beck today show transcript. Then, Glenn details what he believes could be the most imminent threat facing our nation: Cyber attacks against our critical infrastructure. I told you that there was an ammunition storage facility in Moldova. Let me go with the woman who has lost her children, to fentanyl because of the border.VOICE: 100,000 die every year, and nothing is being done. Wait a minute. The Glenn Beck Program's tracks Best of the Program | Guests: Rep Thomas Massie, Rep. Chris Stewart & Ezra Levant | 2/5/20 by The Glenn Beck Program published on 2020-02-06T06:35:44Z. You know, when we left -- oh, you'll never be. Will you make them available?VOICE: My social media is in my personal capacity.VOICE: Mr. Chairman, I have to tell you, this is the most extraordinary thing I have seen in my brief time in the Senate. WATCH: Biden 'announces' U.S. And then there was male/female. And I don't see how this stops. But if the West did not decide to fight us, we would be supplying it with cheap oil and gas.This is apocalyptic kind of language, coming from one of the -- guy who has been described as Putin's brain. And I strongly, strongly urge this committee, to take action on this, and own up to the fact that she's misleading us, right before our eyes, Mr. Chairman.GLENN: I mean, don't you love him?Now, here's the thing that I want to point out.That was a shortened version. You mentioned Crimea will not happen.But if you're a Ukrainian citizen, you're like, well, wait a minute. Ransomeware attacks are now common as rainstorms. But we've already warned him. It uses artificial intelligence to destroy the family, sex, and the nature of human beings. We are also paying Ukraine's pensions?Social Security is on the ropes here? We have always been blessed. But now we're at war with the West because its ally decided to fight us. So let's pray on these four.And he turns to the young men. If your kids aren't out working, if you're not holding down that moral fort in your own life, and in your own family. I think you're leading to something, to make fun of me. Note: This page is continually updated as new transcripts become available. But I'm very conflicted.GLENN: I'm just trying to go for your wallet.STU: Okay. So we're sending, what?Money for food shortages, all around the world? President Bidens nominee to be Americas national archivist, Colleen Shogan, has promised to be non-partisan if granted the role. Ten-second station ID. (OUT AT 9:29 AM)GLENN: We better make up our minds on war, pretty quickly.China is now considering arming Russia.Did you know that Biden quadrupled US troop presence in Taiwan.Quadrupled it?Also Biden in talks with Poland to increase our boots on the ground in Poland.Russian state TV is declaring the United States has declared war over on Russia.And all of the things I just said to you, have happened in the last seven days.We are marching towards real trouble.When will they consult with us? If that's what makes you happy.This exchange made me very happy.VOICE: Dr. Shogan, when you were here last year, a number of senators asked you, including me, a series of questions about an article you had written, public statements that you had made on social media, that were pretty grossly partisan, and I thought offensive. Weird Al has been doing a concert tour over the past few years. And I've heard several things about it.That it's really bad. But to get your -- you would have paid for a meet and greet. Glenn Beck: Hello America, and welcome to the very first episode and the first day of the future. I can't remember.GLENN: Okay. Oh, my gosh.It was then that the parents believed something wasn't right. But that's not what -- unfortunately, you're not -- actually, fortunately, you're not president.Unfortunately, someone better than the current president is not president. We don't know. What do I do?So he does, what I don't think anybody else would do. When they won't show their work, and you don't have trust, and their answers don't make sense. Oh, we're not going to send jets. It is a private Q and A, exclusively only for Blaze TV subscribers.And the reason why we do it, only for Blaze TV subscribers, is because I don't want -- I -- it's not for public consumption.It's for us. Because by the -- the other side of the war, you won't even really care, if you get your freedoms back. | Glenn TV. I -- I want to -- I want to go back to what we were talking about. I love the guy. Beck walks closer to the painting and starts explaining its details. Okay?That's who I want. Except, Russia would survive, and humanity would be saved.However, in either scenario, there will be no Ukraine.It will disappear, if we win. Don't take Relief Sleep. And he's preaching. Those tweets were in my personal capacity.VOICE: No, no, no. It is now day after day after day.That's the thing that you should worry about. Click on the radio listener special square. If there was a sports division, with the podcasts. If that's what you were excited about it.But at what cost? The Glenn Beck Podcast Play all Glenn Beck sits down with notable guests both for their accomplishments and experience to discuss big ideas, inspiring stories and the origins of the. DRAFT for Ukraineor does he? ANNOUNCER: Today`s episode of the show GLENN BECK is brought you to by France. This is something the Republicans in the House oversight committee, have tried to pass. This is an incomplete transcript. Nobody else has seen it yet. So wait. It's accuracy cannot be guaranteeing. Excuse me?Someone must pay the price, for what is happening in our society. And they're going to pay us. Your kids are going to get lost, to riots in the streets, and everything else.And the collapse of the US government happens, and that's the final straw. I hope that's you.If not, join us. He would have just shown up in Hanoi, Vietnam. Glenn Beck's quick wit, candid opinions and engaging personality have made this one of the most popular radio programs in America. But he is hawkish on this.STU: Right. We cannot lose. A podcasting, you know, kind of division. We know that. But two federal law enforcement agencies have had serious cyber attacks this last month.CNN reported that the FBI's New York field office was investigating and working to contain malicious cyber incident, a part of its computer network in recent days, involving computer systems used in investigation of images of child sexual exploitation.Then NBC News reported late yesterday, that the US marshal service, suffered a security breach over a week ago, that compromised sensitive information.In a statement Monday, US Marshal Service spokesperson Drew Wade acknowledged the breach, telling NBC News, the affected system contains law enforcement sensitive information, including returns from legal processes, administrative information, personally identifiable information, pertaining to subjects of the US marshal's investigation, third parties, and employees.Wade said the incident occurred February 17th. And its easy to define. He was in the studios for something else. Viva la France. (music)So how are you sleeping? Okay?This is like, you know, you'll have to meet the archivist, just to get that paper. Now, we've not gotten there. A man in his '40s.STU: Oh, it was the best time of my life. The heroes lost and then found. Cut 11, please.BIDEN: And they'll delivery much-needed humanitarian assistance, as well as food, water, medicine, and shelter, and other aids to Ukrainians displaced by Russia's war, and provide aid for those seeking refuge in other countries from Ukraine.It's also going to help schools and hospitals open. That's my money and your money. I don't like you.STU: Right. I liked you when I was on the air, when I was a kid. But mark my words, it's coming.We must stop accepting the lies. We have Iran, and Iran is now in negotiations with Russia. You need jets to fly into Russia, and make targets in Russia. No, no, no, no.Just the lab in Wuhan. You said no, effectively.And you said, that your Twitter posts consisted of mystery novels, events at the White House Historical Association, Pittsburgh sports teams, and my dog. 800-966-3117, and get your MyPillow 2.0 now.Ten-second station ID. 9:00 p.m. BlazeTV. MyPillow 2.0.Right now, buy one, get one free for a limited time, if you use the promo code Beck. These progressives do the same thing.They take it up to a certain point.And right at the moment of collapse. But I walk in -- I walk in, and she slept during the concert. With freedom of speech.Let me give you -- let me give you some examples. May I just say, we are repeating to the letter World War I.The elites, the socialists, got together with all the socialists in the west, and they all got together, and said, you know, if we kind of push this along, it will be a quick war.And it will be able to collapse all of the old regimes.And -- and we'll be -- and we'll be great.And we'll have this new utopian world.So what happened?Well, it wasn't quick.It killed millions.Changed the history of Europe.It did collapse some of the old empires. BECK: Today was a big day . He said, he watched these four guys, wearing masks with guns on their waists and empty bags in their hands walking in. Wouldn't that be great?So they want to directly fund full-time police officers.Well, the city is saying, no. And just like regular Relief Factor, that you take for pain. You racist!How dare you. Or, sorry, is the Antichrist. Because I think to summarize it as, does he agree with what the Biden administration is doing, is probably completely unfair.GLENN: No. People were canceled for that. People can't live like that.It's very -- it's destructive to our health, and our country.We can't live like this. Glenn Beck talks about his painting entitled "Birth of a Champion" at Park City Fine Art on Friday, June 10, 2022. It's like regular people for me. Shipping of these things to the drug cartels. I'm just asking. But what we are now observing is the process by which our ruling elite consolidate the power they gained, by reconciling their narrative to something that more closely resembles reality. Glenn Beck's quick wit, candid opinions and engaging personality have made this one of the most popular radio programs in America. The pandemic, allowed for the creation of an indefinite state of exception. Come to France, where we have lots of wine but zero spine. And the flood will never be greater than the standard.I mean, you want to talk about faith in God. We have a moment of, a-ha! If you're Russia, you're going to see that as a big problem.And this is one of the biggest issues with this, Glenn. Glenn Beck. October 16, 2008 Who Won the Debate? They say this is all about diversity. We're already paying them over time, just to do regular stuff. Where is that attitude?So we are now worried about the things that are causing our instability, but we're doing a lot of the instability-making, you know. Elton John. I don't know.The debate, is it time to stop arming Ukraine tonight? Because you've loved Weird Al for a very long time. Shut up.We seem to have done fine since Woodrow Wilson. This means it was transcribed as the show was airing. I don't know what his politics are. During which, the regime could lock down its political opponents, unleash its own supporters, to those who opposed them. And most importantly, Russia must change.GLENN: Okay. There is a nuclear complex. And you're going to get everybody stirred up.And now?You're silenced if you say that's not true.Nine-year-old child taught by Debra Rosenquist, at Terryville Road Elementary School, Long Island, identifies as a girl, but was being called a boy's name and given male pronouns in class. King. Well, unfortunately, we're now starting to consider that that could be a weapon. You hear that Amazon is now buying up huge medical company and -- Amazon will have control of your medical records. So what's the problem with that? And I still know what's going on, and I know what's about to happen. DRAFT for Ukraineor does he? Glenn Beck's quick wit, candid opinions and engaging personality have made this one of the most popular radio programs in America. You keep saying there's only two genders. I don't even -- I don't -- shh. Too Many Seniors Ignore This Condition 2,267 Urologist: Most Men With An Enlarged Prostate Do Not Know About This Simple Solution 511 114,041 If Governor Ron DeSantis ran against Biden in 2024, who would you vote for? And half of the teams will just probably forfeit. Now they won't even make the argument, because they won't let themselves use the word.We are screwed up.GLENN: Let me ask you something. I mean, you closed them down.We have two of them here. Where are the Democrats that are against war?Did you ask for a war with Russia? Then, Glenn details what he believes could be the most imminent threat facing our nation: Cyber attacks against our critical infrastructure. Uh-huh. I love Weird Al.GLENN: Did you go backstage to meet him?STU: No. Superintendent Jennifer Quinn and the school's principle both admitted to the parents in a meeting, that they knew Rosenquist was peddling this mentality in the classroom.But because she was -- because she was tender. What is your name? THIS COPY MAY NOT BE IN ITS FINAL FORM AND MAY BE UPDATED. Get Jerry's, you know, pros and cons.And get Biggs' pros and cons. But you're not like that.I mean, I know you've had instances where --GLENN: Yeah. But the moment of last resort is right now. And when you walked on this ground, you walked on to the ground of the holy ghost.You step foot, on the all-creation parking lot. Tenured, they couldn't do anything about it.Gee, teacher's unions. By the way, Lindsey Graham. Chinese lab leak, I think, because they're playing a war game with China.If China wasn't thinking about arming Russia, they would be saying this. For these reasons, I will oppose your nomination. Saying, we are with you, in this fight.And this fight is unlimited, and it will only end with regime change.What the hell do you think that means to Russia?And now, after we're sending all this, we actually think we have the right to tell China, don't send any military aid to Russia.Who the hell do we think we are?We're on the wrong side.We -- this is the beginning, of real darkness.We are on the wrong side.And I'm not saying China and Russia are the right side.