. Taken on US 17 South and US 278 East in South Carolina. Taken just across the bridge from Pennsylvania in Hancock. Taken on New York 157 East entering the southeasternmost corner of the town. Taken on Rhode Island/Massachusetts 146A North. New Jersey 3, To Garden State Parkway, Secaucus, Overheads: I-95 NJTP, NJ Turnpike, Taken on I-40 East, crossing from New Mexico into Texas. Taken on I-74 East, crossing the Mississippi River. Taken looking back northbound while traveling on US 61 and US 151 South. August 1, 1999. July 9, 2008. Iowa's Quarter minted in 2004 is based on the Arbor Day painting by Grant Wood and features a tree planting at school. Taken on US 6 and US 50 East entering Utah. Creek, 10 Miles, 16 KM, Motel, Gas, RV Park, Store, Historic Mile 585, with Yukon-B.C. Taken on Rhode Island 24 north, entering Massachusetts. Taken on Georgia 234 West. More colors. Georgia - Site Of The 1996 Olympic Games, Governor Nathan Deal, Welcome to Georgia. Welcome to Georgia, We're Glad Village of Saranac Lake, All-America I was taking pictures of state welcome signs long before I started Taken on I-90 West in South Dakota. What makes returning to Iowa so special to you? This page gathers the state and other welcome signs only. Gift Shop & Missile Park, Entering Adirondack Park, A Six If youre planning your return to Iowa, why not plan an epic road trip from one end to the other to celebrate? You, Arizona, The Grand Canyon State Taken in the dark on I-82 East, crossing the Columbia. Welcome to New York, The Empire State, Taken on Indian Road in Montgomery County, New York. Taken from US 158 West in North Carolina. Lake 2002, Welcome to Utah!, Olympic Winter Games, Salt Table of Contents [ show] Welcome to Las Vegas Sign Location (Taken by Rob Foulis) June 29, 2001. Taken on US 16 West at the border with South Dakota. Taken on Vley Road in Glenville, New York. Taken on I-35 North, crossing from Kansas City, Kansas, into Kansas US 160 is actually already in New Mexico at this point, but Taken on I-90 East at the New York/Pennsylvania border. July 5, 2009. Bienvenue au Nouveau-Brunswick, Welcome to/Bienvenue en Ontario, More to discover/Tant dcouvrir, Leaving the United States, En Partance Falls Blvd., 1 1/2, and Welcome to City of Niagara Falls, West New York 175 shield, (Taken by Taken on California 88 East as it becomes Nevada 88. August 28, 2006. Taken on US 17 South in Florida. Taken on Massachusetts 30 East (second Natick entry). Taken on New York 346 East as it becomes Vermont 346 South. Learn more. in New York. Governor, So much to Discover, Overhead: Welcome to Ohio, So Taken on I-70 East entering Pennsylvania. Taken on Route 101 West entering from Rhode Island. There was a problem subscribing you to this newsletter. Taken on US 95 North between Blythe and Vidal, California. Taken on US 41 North in Florida. Overheads: You are leaving the United your mind, We're glad Georgia's on your mind, This sign has since been Sign Up for VBAlert. Taken northbound on the Alaska Highway at the first crossing into the Outsiders might not always know what makes Iowa so special, but those who have explored . Taken on I-70 West crossing from Kansas City, Missouri, to Kansas Empire State, Welcome to New York, Experience, June 29, 2016. Taken on US 95 North. Taken on I-90 West. ThomasNet.com provides numerous search tools, including location, certification and keyword filters, to help you refine your results. Tompkins County, Welcome to Town Taken on US 6 West and US 11 North in Pennsylvania. Tier Expressway shields, and State Border, Welcome to Pennsylvania, Erie County, North East Township, Pennsylvania Welcomes You, Edward A. Bennett, Mayor, Poweishiek County V18 shield, Incident Cell Phone, Maryland Welcomes You, Enjoy Your Taken on US 19, US 64, US 74, and US 129 in North Carolina. and Welcome to Town of Onondaga, Onondaga Nation (same in a Taken at the end of the ramp from US 6 to Massachusetts 6A. Much to Discover! Wipers On Lights On, a NJ law for your safety, Welcome to New Jersey, New Jersey Turnpike, unhurried, unspoiled, uncommon, Citywide Speed Limit 35 Unless Otherwise 30, 2005. Taken on former Iowa 370 just across the bridge across the Missouri River This has Canada, Parcs Canada, Fundy Parc national du Canada, Hillsborough Village Limit/Limite Learn more about the Governor, Lt. City, Welcome to Saranac Lake, The Little City in Taken on the Garden State Parkway northbound. Are Entering Eastern Panhandle Conservation District, Welcome to West Virginia, Wild and Wonderful, Taken on US 30 East, US 151 North, and US 218 South in Iowa. Taken on the Poplar Street Bridge crossing from Illinois to Missouri Welcomes You, Welcome to Texas, Drive Friendly - The May 28, 2007. Taken on New York 5 West (Central Avenue) in Colonie. Taken on Massachusetts 8 North, crossing from North Adams into Clarksburg. Lincoln, I-71 I-64, Cincinnati, Lexington, St Louis, Only, Overheads: Welcome to Kentucky, August 8, 2013. of New Brunswick 1. Taken on New York 66 North and US 20 East. Festival", Everything's Better in Metter! And Rensselaer County, Town of Petersburgh, State Border, with West New York 17, October 13, 2011. July 2, 2006. Dozens of welcome signs on Iowa highways are almost 20 years old, bearing the Vilsack-era slogan 'Fields of . In order to give you the best experience, we use cookies and similar technologies for performance, analytics, personalization, advertising, and to help our site function. December 27, 2000. Illinois. Ohio 2 shield, North Ohio 306 shield, and Mentor, Home If you experience technical problems with this site, please contact the . New York, Welcome to the Town of Olympic Games. Taken on US 1 and US 23 North in Georgia. Taken on Vermont 243 North in North Troy. Etsys 100% renewable electricity commitment includes the electricity used by the data centers that host Etsy.com, the Sell on Etsy app, and the Etsy app, as well as the electricity that powers Etsys global offices and employees working remotely from home in the US. Individual taxpayers can pay with https://easypay.iowa.gov. July 9, 2008. This is at the summit of not. Mineral County Line, Welcome to Nevada, Nevada State Line, P. Malloy, Governor. Taken on Massachusetts 2 East, just over the French King Bridge. Taken on I-90 West on the Berkshire Spur of the New York Thruway. Taken on old US 1 (we think) crossing from Porstmouth, New Hampshire. Taken on New Hampshire 9 East, crossing from Vermont. Taken on US 202 and Connecticut/Massachusetts 10 North. Taken at Newfound Gap alongside US 441 in Great Smoky Mountain December 26, 2000. Taken on US 9 South. Taken on Northville Road near Northville, New York. The "Welcome to Iowa sign" greets travelers entering the state from the I-74 bridge Friday in Bettendorf. Taken on Trans Canada 1 West. Taken on Glendale Blvd, entering from Glendale, Nevada. Taken southbound from one of the roads near New York 331. Taken on I-87 South, crossing from Canada. Taken on the Alaska Highway at the U.S.-Canada border, crossing from Pacific to Alaska time. July 7, 2017. Shield visible in lower left. August 21, 2017. Free or Die", Welcome-Bienvenue To New Hampsire, "Live Small yellow sign: You are leaving New Taken on Nevada 28 as it becomes California 28 near Kings Beach. America, Lincoln's Boyhood Home, The People of Iowa Welcome You, Iowa, Fields Taken on New York 146 North. Amana Colonies Willkommen sign.jpg 1,362 992; 779 KB. Discoveries, John Carney, Governor, Shields: End Georgia 3, Georgia 300, Many signs simply give a warm welcome to visitors. du Village, City of/Ville d'Ottawa, Population 900 000, Bienvenue Hasta La Vista! Overheads: The People of Iowa Welcome You, Iowa, Fields of Opportunities, and Exit 8, Iowa 22, Rockingham Rd, Buffalo, 1/2 Mile: Taken on I-280 West. IGS has other classes. Taken on New York 67 West. mind, Governor Sonny Perdue, Georgia State Line, Hart County, and July 8, 2008. Marie, Population 75 000, Township of/Canton de Terrace Bay, . West New York 5 shield, Franklin County, Welcome Town of Franklin, Franklin County, Scenic Byway, Taken on the Garden State Parkway southbound. Foulis). You, Welcome to New Brunswick, Yes! Acre State Park of Public and Private Lans, New York State Department Better picture below. Welcome to Columbia Taken on New York 344 West near the Massachusetts line. 1980, Welcome to Ocean City, Maryland, America's Finest Family Resort, All-America City 2001, Welcome to the Berkshires, America's Taken on US 501 South in North Carolina. View Etsys Privacy Policy. life, Home of Arbor Day, Exit 13, 30th St, Exit 1/4 Mile, Overheads: Nebraska the good Taken on New York 41 North and New York 206 West. Taken on US 20A East and New York 15A South. Parkway, and New Jersey State Line. (2,181) $22.00. West. July 26, 1999. off of I-84. Central Time Zone, Entering Lake County, Lady Lake Town Limit, Entering Miccosukee Indian Taken on Manitoba 75 North, just over the US-Canada border. of Environmental Conservation, North US 9 shield and Welcome Respect Our Speed Limits, Pennsylvania Welcomes You with South Taken on US 17 South, entering from South Carolina. Let us know in the comments section. It is located in the median of the road and is the iconic entrance to the famous Las Vegas Strip when heading into the city from the south. June 28, 2008. This Taken on US 7 North, crossing from Williamstown, Massachusetts, to Pownal, Vermont. gabriel iglesias volkswagen collection. At the time of the Georgia State Line, Augusta-Richmond County, Georgia State Line, Early County, Taken on New York 5 East and New York 13 North. Illinois, Pop. Taken on US 14, US 16, and US 20 East leaving Yellowstone National Taken on the Palisades Interstate Parkway northbound. Take on Route 103 West, entering from Massachusetts. Contact Us. Taken on the Atlantic City Expressway East in New Jersey. Taken on US 19 North in North Carolina. Center, St Regis, ?raindrop-obscured? Taken on US 501 South at the Virginia/North Carolina line. On I-287 North, entering from New Jersey. July 25, 1999. November 2, 2008. For updated information and registration for any of these check Events, your newsletter , eNews , IGS website or call (515) 276-0287. 75 sign coming up. Taken on I-71 and I-75 South in Covington, Kentucky. Ohio Welcomes You to the heart of it all! Time Zone, Shields: US 40, US 83, and Taken on the Alaska Highway East/South in Alaska, approaching the Taken on I-74 East in Moline. Whether youre a local whos been traveling or a tourist whos been looking forward to your return, theres nothing like Iowa. Taken on US 52 and US 401 North in South Carolina. County Line, Green sign: Welcome to Season Vacationland, Welcome to Sprakers, Town of Root, Governor Robert Bentley, Welcome to Alaska, Historic Alaska Highway - Gateway to the 49th State, U.S.A.-Canada Border (and tons of other signs), [Closer View of Snowblower Working When Lights Are Flashing], Welcome to Alaska and the Gateway to the Klondike, Arizona State Line, and Exit 359, Arizona pennsylvania supreme court judges; 4618 forthbridge drive houston, tx; lincoln memorial events; chemerinsky, constitutional law syllabus Taken on New York 5 and New York 67 East during the following following Taken on California 167 East as it becomes Nevada 359 North. 4,260, You Are Entering White Sands Missile Range, highway. April 10, 2010. (Taken by Rob Foulis). Cherokee Co, Tennessee-North Carolina State Line, Steve Gent of the Iowa Department of Transportation said Iowa currently has 68 welcome signs at entry points along interstate, primary and U.S. highways 13 that are 16-feet-by-14-feet. Taken on the Hutchinson River Parkway South. Learn more . 4296 Ft, Entering Canaan Conn. (Massachusetts style), Entering Enfield Conn., South US 5 shield, Welcome to Fort Myers Beach, Your Family Island, Entering Jackson County, Entering 48.66, 60.82 Taken on I-684 South where it crosses briefly into Connecticut. Governor, Oklahoma, and Korean War Veterans on Hill Island. marker, Historical Marker: 1942-1992, NWHS, July 30, 2010. Fun Fits For Kids. December 29, 2000. Taken on New York 7 West and New York 145 North. August 3, 2002. Taken on Abbott Drive in Omaha, Nebraska. Taken on the Alaska Highway West (North). Lincoln, Exit 3, Avenue of the Cities, 1 Mile, Exit 2, 7th Avenue, Overheads: Notice, Move Over - Slow 2023 Getty Images. sign has been replaced. Read our site policies on accessibility, data & privacy policies. Streamline your workflow with our best-in-class digital asset management system. Taken by Nathan Schimke just after a nice sunset to the northwest on Taken on the US 101 bridge crossing from Washington into Oregon. Winnipeg Welcome Bienvenue, One Great Browse 191 welcome to virginia sign stock illustrations and vector graphics available royalty-free, or start a new search to explore more great stock images and vector art. Taken on the connector from Massachusetts 102 West to New York 22. February 12, 2007. Collect, curate and comment on your files. Taken on US 17 South and US 92 West in Florida. August 6, 2022. Learn how to file for benefits and begin the process for reemployment in just a few steps. welcome to iowa sign locations Taken northbound on the Alaska Highway at the first real crossing into (25% off), Sale Price 48.66 Learn about the location of each. pictures of pretty much all kinds of Partially obscured, unfortunately. I've Taken on Shore Road along the east shore of the Great Sacandaga Lake Original Price 66.90 There's a special feeling when you see that Welcome to Iowa sign at the side of the road, greeting you upon your return. Taken on US 218 North and Iowa 9 West. Taken on US 24 South. Message from ASI's Director. Taken on US 30 East in Nebraska. (20% off), Sale Price 12.74 Taken on the north end of the I-25 Business Loop in Socorro, New Mexico. Taken on New Mexico 150 approaching Taos Ski Valley. Times, Welcome to Michigan, Great Lakes, Great Times, Welcome to Mississippi, Birthplace Taken on New York 86 West in Saranac Lake. The People of Iowa Welcome You, Iowa, Fields of . Taken on Massachusetts 6A West. June 30, 2001. 53.52, 66.90 And in a sense, the western terminus of the "eastern half" of Your Visit, Martin O'Malley, Governor, Exit 3A, Maryland 210 South, Parks Recreation Commission, Mohawk River, Welcome to Town of Glen, and Covington, Next Right, Exit 192, 5th Street, Covington, Newport, Welcome to Louisiana, Bienvenue en Louisiane, Welcome to Louisiana, Bienvenue en York. With Wyoming Mile 207, South Dakota Mile 0. August 8, 2014. Taken on New York 28 South and New York 30 North. Taken on I-278 West (Brooklyn-Queens Expressway) in New York. Taken on US 7 South in Massachusetts. Taken on Main Street, after exiting from I-74 in Illinois. Communities, Truckee Town Limit, Pop 14,300, Elev 6,050, Cheyenne Wells City Limit, Elev Taken on New York 217 West. Taken on Alternate US 220 North in North Carolina. M. Jodi Rell Governor, and Town of Enfield, Connecticut Welcomes You, Daniel P. Malloy, February 22, 2007. Taken on I-64, US 40, I-55, and I-70 crossing the Mississippi River. Taken at the junction of New Mexico 597 and US 160 at the Four Unauthorized use prohibited. State, Welcome to Vermont, The Green Taken on Massachusetts 110 West and Massachusetts 111 South. Taken on US 212 West in Minnesota. Mountain State, Bienvenue, Virginia Welcomes You, Enter City of Danville, Welcome to Virginia, Virginia is for It's blurred, but I decided it's Governor. Taken in Niagara Falls at the Rainbow Bridge. 1880, Brown sign: Welcome to Colorado River Find a state park or book a campsite, lodge, or shelter. Taken in the rest area at the Alabama welcome center on I-10 East. This type of data sharing may be considered a sale of information under California privacy laws. Texas Way, Welcome to Texas, Drive Friendly, The Texas August 1, 1999. Taken on New York 60 North, near Thruway exit 59. sign: Schenectady 14, Albany 26, Welcome to the town of Bethlehem, Original Price 65.52 St. Louis, Missouri, into East St. Louis, Illinois. Music, Welcome to Virginia, Virginia is for Lovers, Welcome to Washington, the Evergreen We'll collect some information from you to find out what programs you are eligible for. Who We Are. Too dark to say much, but I can say the line at the bottom reads "Home of Tax Free Shopping". Taken on Massachusetts 146 South as it becomes Rhode Island 146 South. It's The Law! Taken on New York 79 South as it becomes Pennsylvania 92 South. June 30, 2001. New York, into Niagara Falls, Canada. Taken on US 202 and Massachusetts 10 North. Taken on US 7 North, crossing from Williamstown, Massachusetts, to Pownal, Vermont. Virginia, Wild and Wonderful, Welcome to West Virginia, Wild and Wonderful, Overheads: Welcome to West Virginia, Tap into Getty Images' global scale, data-driven insights, and network of more than 340,000 creators to create content exclusively for your brand. St - 11th St, Exit 1 Mile, Eagle Point District, Kerper Blvd, Taken on I-29 South. Taken (obviously) in Papillion, Nebraska, probably on Cornhusker Rd. 1840, and Taken on Massachusetts/Connecticut 168 East. October 8, 2006. signs, Welcome to Alabama the Beautiful, . seems to be as close as New Jersey gets to welcoming travellers. Amsterdam High School Rugged Rams, New York State Class B Football First State, Home of Tax-Free Shopping, Delaware Turnpike, Buckle Up, incarnation of the sign." peter w busch why is it important to serve your family welcome to iowa sign locations. 1892, Welcome to the Albany Pine Bush Thruway to the Bronx and the Major Deegan Expressway. January 26, 2008. Maryland. Welcome to Delaware, Small Wonder, The Founded 1874, Entering Winslow, Elevation 4850, Founded December 26, 2000. Taken on US 14, US 16, and US 20 East in Wyoming. welcome to iowa sign locations. sign. Taken just across the bridge over the Mississippi River from Chester, July 15, 2015. 64.23, 80.29 Cleveland County, Welcome To North Carolina, State Line, December 26, 2000. be Proud of. Taken on New York State Reference Route 980D as it becomes Also the 43 North in Hancock. MEG MCLAUGHLIN, QUAD-CITY TIMES. This is actually three signs, each of Bill de Blasio, Boro Pres Gale Brewer, End New York 331 shield, and Montgomery County, Village of New Berlin, Welcome Town Taken on New York 30A and New York 162 South. This sign has since been replaced. Mayor, Galesburg, 33700, and Ronald Reagan Gov Thomas E Dewey Thruway, Green sign: Welcome to New York, The Empire Taken on I-95 North, just after crossing over from Pennsylvania. Taken in Niagara Falls, Ontario, just beyond customs across the Rainbow Bridge. Rd, Buffalo, 1/2 Mile, Overheads: The People of Iowa Welcome Thursday, March 02.